6 Great Destinations to Visit in 2019

It has never been easier to connect the world as it is today. We’re lucky to be able to connect with other cultures, nature, and people. Now, we learn global languages in school that makes it easier to communicate with people from other countries, and the airlines do whatever they can to get you to be their loyal customer.

Are you planning on travelling this year to experience new cultures, learn a new language and to experience something different? Here are 8 great destination you should try to visit this year!

1. Patagonia, South America

Patagonia is a region in South America which includes some of northern Argentina and Chile. This is a place that offers great and exciting adventures with breathtaking views, amazing mountains, and sparsely populated land. The people who live here are also extremely friendly.

If you want to experience the Milky Way with an unbelievable view, and amazing nature that offers great adventures, this is the place to go.

2. Oman

Oman is an Arabian adventure with far less tourists than in other popular travel destinations. The country offers adventures in the desert, cultural but exciting differences, hikes in the amazing mountains of Jebel Shams, the Muscat’s Grand Mosque, turtles and wildlife, and beautiful views. You can also experience sandboarding!

3. Namibia

If you’re a surfer like us, you, too, probably love the sun. In Namibia you’ll get an amazing 300 days of sunshine every year. This country offers amazing cultures with tasteful food and exciting and friendly people with great stories and a lot of love. If you want to experience Namibia with an ocean-view, you should check out a new hotel called “Shipwreck Lodge”.

4. Arizona, Utah, and Las Vegas

If you like national parks that offer great views and unpopulated areas, you should go for a roadtrip from southern Utah to Arizona. Here, you can experience the Grand Canyon National Park, Hoover Dam, Havasu Falls and many other great views.

You can end the roadtrip in Las Vegas, and experience the Spin City with all of its great casinos and slot machines, hotels, shopping, and a lot more. This is a trip that’s going to offer everything from two different worlds.

5. Japan

A travel through Japan is going to take your breath away. Buy a 7-day rail pass, which allows you to travel for a lot cheaper and more efficient than most other transportation offers. In Japan, you can experience everything from exciting Japanese culture like food, people, and language, and you can experience amazing adventures. See the cherry blossoms in bloom, climb Mount Fuji, or go skiing in the mountains in the winter.

6. Surfing in Norway

Lista is a small but beautiful in the west coast of Norway. Here, you can experience the best of both worlds: hiking and surfing. Go surfing in Lista, and end the trip with a hike up Preikestolen, which is a famous Norwegian landmark.


Safe travels!

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