9 Ways to Utilize your Mobile Phone while Traveling

A mobile phone is such a great gadget that is highly portable and pocket-friendly yet it can be of incredible usage.  Travelers can leverage the mobile phone and get the most out of them. From organizing a trip to keeping the memories to view once you get back home. Its uses are many but this article reveals eight of them.

  1. As a fun tool

A smartphone can be used to access hundred of games installed on the device or online. These games help you have fun as you travel from one place to a different destination. For example, casino games can be played via the phone since most of them are online, check this out.

  1. As your personal assistant

With a phone, you can keep restaurant reservations, theater tickets and flight bookings organized in one place.  You can always download apps to help you achieve that. Surprisingly some will even provide you with timely alerts on flight delays.

  1. As your map

You do not have to wonder where you are at any given time because your mobile phone can show the location using Google maps. It only requires you to enable location services on your device and you are good to go. Offline Google maps can still be of great value.

  1. As a compass

You will not wonder if you have a phone since you can use its compass to get directions. Yes, a mobile phone’s compass will point you to the direction you would like to go.

  1. As a camera

The time has come when you do not have to carry your digital camera if you have a smartphone. You can store the memories for later viewing by taking photos with your smartphone. Nowadays, phone cameras come with handy features such as digital zooming, and editing tools to help you take stunning photos.

  1. As your weather forecaster

Most smartphones will show basic weather information with a single swipe. You do not want to find yourself entangled by adverse weather conditions that you could have avoided with the aid of a smartphone. So, weather apps will be of great value if you want to visit places at the best time.

  1. As your security system

To get travel alerts and any warnings issued by the authorities, a mobile phone is definitely your best gadget for that. Some apps will reveal embassy locations for you in case you would like to connect with them for help. Plus, emergency apps can give emergency contacts to help you get assistance.

  1. As a currency converter

It is true that you may not be aware of the exchange rates in the country you visit. A smartphone installed with the best apps for currency exchange comes in handy. Some of the currency exchange apps will work well offline.

  1. As a flashlight

A feature that is in most smartphones, the flashlight is most useful in remote corners of the world. It can also help when you are trekking at night just to experience a nice night’s breeze offshore.


As a traveler, a smartphone is a gadget you can afford to miss. From assisting you in revealing your location to even pointing the direction you would go. To keep your travel memories, and to know the weather of a place, the mobile phone is your best bet. Always remember to carry your smartphone with you since it will be of great importance.

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