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I’m a 32-year-old, big kid at heart who’s been travelling the world since the age of 20 so I’ve been to a lot of places and tried a lot of new things.

I grew up in Beverly which is by Hull in the UK and I have been travelling the world for over 10 years now.

My love for travelling really began when I was a child, my parents were never into the ‘normal’ family holidays like Disney World or Mallorca and instead, we went on camping trips to France or hiked in Cappadocia. During these holidays, I really got to see a different area of the world that I hadn’t seen on TV or online and this made me really excited so when I got to the age of 20, just before I started university, I decided to take a gap year.

Like everyone I knew, I decided to head out to Thailand, cliché I know but not if you do it right. I avoided all the madness of the backpackers and tourist hotspots and went off track on my own, heading into remote villages and towns no one had ever heard of.

From Thailand I visited Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and ended my year in Singapore, making the most of every minute I was there. When I returned home, my parents were expecting me to get back to normal life but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to be explored.

So after 4 weeks, I packed my bags again and headed to the airport with a one-way ticket to Australia. This is where I first attempted surfing and was immediately hooked.

From there, my love of surfing has grown, along with my love for travel. Now everywhere I go, I hunt out a decent beach to hit the waves.

Mission & Vision

I started Surfino many years ago as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family back home however it quickly became a place for like-minded travellers to connect and plan trips as well as meet up. Today, Surfino is an all-encompassing blog that allows readers to explore the world with me.

From advice on where to go and where to avoid to what I’m currently up to and travel tips, join me on big Surfing adventure around the world.

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Affordable Travels

I was never one with huge funds available for my travels so i can advise you on how to travel on a budget.

Guided Experiences

I have experienced most of the attractions you can when travelling so can recommend the ones that a truly worthwhile!

Holiday Types

From family holidays, romantic destinations, holidays with friends or world travel - my guides cover all holiday types.

Guest Support

Looking for personalised advice? Get in touch and i'd be happy to give advice and recommendations.