Are Millennials Changing Bingo?

All gambling games need to constantly adapt to survive, these changes must be to the benefit of the players and they should also help to increase the appeal of a certain game to bring in a fresh new audience in. Slot games have excelled in this and they now cater for all tastes. There are literally hundreds of them and many are based on films and TV shows and this helps bring in the crowds. Most of the new trends and the new audiences are welcomed warmly in the world of slots, but this has not been the case in other gambling games at

The History Of Bingo 

Bingo has an interesting history and this is the same for many gambling games that we know and love today. The Italians and the French are the nations that influenced bingo the most. In fact, the origins of bingo date back to an Italian lottery game that was introduced to the country in 1530. The French took to this game and developed it further and the French Le Lotto is the closest thing to modern day bingo. Bingo eventually arrived on British shores and was very popular by the 18th century. Bingo didn’t just take Europe by storm, it also found its way to America and was very popular during the 1920s and 30s. 

Online Bingo 

In 1996 bingo moved online like many other gambling games and this helped to boost the popularity of this game further. Even though bingo is a social game, the social element of bingo remind in tact courtesy of bingo chatrooms that accompanied most bingo sites. Here you could chat to fellow bingo players and make new friends whilst the games played out automatically. Online bingo helped bring bingo to the masses and it also introduced a new younger audience to the game. This new audience did not only make their presence felt online, they also started to visit revamped bingo venues up and down the country. 

A New Audience 

Bingo venues now strongly cater for a younger bingo-playing crowd and this has meant that many land-based bingo halls have had an expensive facelift. Traditional bingo halls have been turned into bingo bars, some even resemble small nightclubs and bingo is only part of the entertainment. Millennials demand more than just bingo on a night out and this is why bingo venues have added music, alcohol, dancing and food to the mix. Most venues are happy to cater for this new young crowd as they are seen as the future of the game.  This has caused friction amongst traditional bingo players as they feel like they have been forgotten or squeezed out of the game altogether. 

Final Thoughts 

Millennials have had a huge influence on bingo and are rapidly changing the game. They are even trying to change iconic bingo lingo like ‘two fat ladies’ into a non-offensive phrase referencing the Royals Will and Kate. Whilst change is needed to secure the future of the game, the core established audience must not be forgotten.

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