Island-Hopping by Italy Yacht Charter: Corsica, Sardinia & Sicily

Three of the largest islands in the Mediterranean are perfect for visiting by yacht.  For Sardinia and Sicily, both in Italy, yacht charter is an ideal way to explore at leisure.  Despite its Italian-sounding town and street names, Corsica is France’s very own Ile de Beauté, famed for its mountainous landscape and varied coastline. For […]

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22nd June 2020

11 Must-Visit Golf Courses In The Scottish Highlands

Scotland is famous for its golf courses and is a go-to destination for golfing holidays. The courses range from world-famous, to the lesser known local hang outs. They also range in price, difficulty and surrounding location. Because of this it can be tricky to choose the perfect golfing destination for you.  But if you’re currently […]

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24th September 2019

The Best 3 Beaches in Egypt

Located at the land gateway between Africa and Asia and as the de facto heart of the old world, Egypt has always been famous for having a rich heritage that dates back to the earliest known civilizations in the history of the world; such heritage, formulated by the numerous empires and kingdoms that once ruled […]

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21st August 2019

4 Things to Look for in Family-Friendly Accommodation

Whether you’re booking accommodation for a quick break or a couple of weeks, it always makes sense for families to search for family-friendly features, and there are a few things that spring immediately to mind. To keep everyone from the young ones to the teenagers perfectly happy, here are just four things to look for. […]

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28th July 2019

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an Iconic Landmark

Crisp sea air, beautiful people, and incredible attractions, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has it all. Opened in 1907, this amusement park has provided people with wonderful memories for more than a century. When something’s been around for so long, it’s easy to get cynical and assume that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. […]

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29th May 2019

Destinations – The Maldives

The Maldives are renowned as a romantic holiday destination and this island paradise certainly makes a great honeymoon spot. However, Maldives holidays are also a fantastic choice for those seeking a little adventure or activity. There are some great surfing spots which are easy to access from the resorts, especially in the Central and South […]

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13th March 2019

The Artsy and Culturally Rich Side of Canada- All Rolled Into One

Containing and representing the culture of a vast country spread across six time zones isn’t easy, but Montreal achieves this feat with relative ease. It won’t be an exaggeration to call Montreal the cultural capital of Quebec and Canada. If you want to experience their culture to the finest, book a flight to Montreal right […]

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9th March 2019

6 Great Destinations to Visit in 2019

It has never been easier to connect the world as it is today. We’re lucky to be able to connect with other cultures, nature, and people. Now, we learn global languages in school that makes it easier to communicate with people from other countries, and the airlines do whatever they can to get you to […]

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3rd March 2019

4 Great Things That Go on in Bristol at Easter

Whether you’re visiting at the height of summer or during the depths of winter, you’ll always find plenty of great things to do in Bristol. If you happen to make your visit during Easter, you’ll be particularly flush with fun options that suit everyone from grownups to young ones. […]

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23rd January 2019

Top Rainforest Walks Near Cairns

Cairns is home to the most incredible natural landscapes and spectacular rainforests. It is situated 1,700 kilometres north of Brisbane, North Queensland and located on a coastal strip between the Coral Sea and the Great Dividing Range where anyone can get the best view of nature. […]

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17th December 2018

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