Why Is International Schools So Popular?

Studying overseas during your college education has many benefits, including an opportunity to see the world in a new way. It’s a bold step – one that involves stepping out into unfamiliar territory and leaving your home, but the experience and growth of living overseas will open up more doors than you could possibly imagine. […]

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14th September 2020

Weekend Itinerary for Your Trip to Toronto

There’s so much to see and do in Toronto, from cultural attractions like world-class theater and museums to endless shopping and dining opportunities. In fact, thanks to its high immigrant population, with nearly half of people living here born outside of the country, you can find cuisine from all corners of the globe.  So how […]

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26th May 2020

Simple Ways to Save Money While On Vacation

Everyone loves to take some time off work to rejuvenate. One of the best ways to recharge is by going to a place you have never been to. With so many travel companies offering packages that include cheap hotels for accommodation and affordable flights, nothing should stop you from going on an international tour. However, […]

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15th July 2019

Top Travel Destinations for Surfers

Surfing may be your passion as it’s an exhilarating sport that takes a good bit of skill and a lot of confidence. When trying to enjoy a swell, there are many places you and your board could go. Here are the top travel destinations you should add to your bucket list. […]

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20th May 2019

Ways to Become a Better Driver

Different studies reveal that most drivers think they are better drivers than other drivers. If this were true, then the roads would have been the safest place to be, but unfortunately, that’s never the case. Car rental companies such as Rental Center Crete know of some the most interesting cases of how drivers got into […]

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3rd May 2019

The Artsy and Culturally Rich Side of Canada- All Rolled Into One

Containing and representing the culture of a vast country spread across six time zones isn’t easy, but Montreal achieves this feat with relative ease. It won’t be an exaggeration to call Montreal the cultural capital of Quebec and Canada. If you want to experience their culture to the finest, book a flight to Montreal right […]

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9th March 2019

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