5 Jobs you can Do while Travelling

It is true there are jobs you can take and complete anywhere in the world. For most travelers who are digital nomads, there is a lot that can create a source of income as you travel the world. These jobs are location-independent and you may not believe how you will be earning some money just […]

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1st March 2019

9 Ways to Utilize your Mobile Phone while Traveling

A mobile phone is such a great gadget that is highly portable and pocket-friendly yet it can be of incredible usage.  Travelers can leverage the mobile phone and get the most out of them. From organizing a trip to keeping the memories to view once you get back home. Its uses are many but this […]

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1st March 2019

How to Perform Like a Pro Surfer

The stereotype is that pro surfers spend half their time in the water and half their time smoking marijuana on the beach. This stereotype of beach bums might be true for a lot of the surfers, but the most successful ones have a few secrets that put them at the top of their class. […]

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21st January 2019

Top 5 Tips That’ll Help You Travel More in 2019

Traveling is one thing in life that we can never get bored of. The one thing that gives us a chance to forget about the obligations of our mundane life. Traveling is something that gives us pure joy and nothing else. Well, more often than not. For our overall wellbeing and happiness, we need to […]

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2nd January 2019

Traveling on a Budget

Do you wish to become a jet-setter, but you’re worried about the overall costs and being able to get time off work. Well, it is now cheaper than ever to fly and visit all of those places you want to see, flights are very cheap and you can also pack lightly. […]

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21st November 2018

The Rewards of Avoiding Overly Touristy Destinations

One of the best things that could have ever happened to me recently on one of my trips was completing a last-minute booking that essentially had me staying at the cheapest hostel I’ve ever stayed in, in my entire life. I’m talking here less than a single dollar per night and naturally I was sceptical […]

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28th October 2018

Staying Healthy Over Prolonged Travel Periods

A lot of us can agree about our sharing of the common dream of being able to travel as far as we’d like, as often as we’d like and for as long as we’d like to be away. I’m personally one of those people who really wouldn’t mind not even knowing when my return date […]

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17th July 2018

The Art of Backpacking

If your annual vacation you save up long and hard for just won’t cut it anymore and you feel as if you simply deserve to be seeing more of the world more often, then that’s a feeling you shouldn’t ignore. If you were rich enough to leave it all behind and go out there to […]

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1st July 2018

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