Destinations – The Seychelles

The journey there is rightfully publicised as one which suggests you’re going to quite a remote and exotic holiday destination as part of a trip of a lifetime, but the Seychelles are definitely closer within reach than what most would-be travellers believe. Yes, you’d be right to want to go to a place such as this for something like your honeymoon, but that doesn’t have to be the only time.

Admittedly it is a very exclusive place, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it’s made out to be. If you wanted to go to the Seychelles from the USA or from the UK for example, don’t go the conventional route by jumping online and booking through the first few offers that come up on your Google search.

When searching for flights for example, run the search the whole week and use multi-airline, online budget booking platforms. This way you’ll firstly come into some very useful information about when regular flights to Seychelles are scheduled (they’re usually not direct, unless you’re coming from specific locations like South Africa) and secondly you’ll find cheaper flights, albeit ones which will probably open your eyes up to the fact that it’s better to make a trip to the Seychelles just part of your itinerary. The flights to the Seychelles are mostly stopover flights en route South Africa, which in itself is an air travel hub to so many of the popular destinations in the southern hemisphere.

Now, that just about sorts out the logistics, which are very important because getting there and the associated cost thereof is one of the major obstacles preventing people from enjoying what is definitely more than just an exclusive holiday destination for the rich, or for those who have saved up long and hard to be able to enjoy a luxury, exotic escape.

I won’t lie to you though, it is indeed an expensive place, as attested to by how many of the locals regularly hop on a flight to do their shopping in South Africa.

If you resolve to live a bit like a local then it will be much more affordable, for example you can find a self-catering unit to stay in like a guesthouse for less than $90 per night as opposed to popping out 500 euro per night to stay in a five star luxury hotel or resort. Buy some fresh supplies and groceries from the markets and stores in Victoria and cook for yourself, or you can fill up on the freshly prepared, mainly fish-based meals which are sold by the vendors found along the touristy beaches.

The bulk of this is available on the main island of Mahe, of course, otherwise it gets a lot more expensive on the smaller islands.

All of that said though, you probably go to a place like the Seychelles to live it up a bit, so indulge in the spa treatments which typically play out in a paradise like setting, visit the botanic gardens as well as the other islands and just experience what it’s like to be in what has long been thought to be the Garden of Eden referenced in the Christian Bible.

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