Explore Athens by Night

Greece is one of the most famous countries for vacations, known for its good climate, great food and vibrant nightlife. Especially the Greek islands flood with tourists every summer. Athens, its capital, is a place that everyone must visit at least once in their life; a destination that offers so many different experiences that there’s no chance you won’t find everything you need to have a wonderful time. At night, the city is very lively, as both locals and tourists go out to spend time  with their friends and have fun. The alternatives are really uncountable, thus we propose some of them to help you explore Athens by night. 

Walk in the city

Athens transforms into a whole different city at night. Even if you have seen its neighbourhoods during the day, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to go for a night walk in the city centre. The Acropolis and many archaeological sites light up at night along with all the small restaurants, cafes and clubs, creating scenery that dares you to discover all the hidden treasures of the city. The best itinerary for a night walk includes Plaka, Monastiraki, Thissio and Psirry, all of which have a clear view of the Acropolis and are full of beautiful shops and restaurants. 

Dinner in a Greek taverna

In Greece, there is a distinct type of restaurant called “taverna”. It serves traditional Greek food and usually, there is live music. You can find “tavernas” everywhere in Athens and, trust us, it’s a must-do experience. Greek traditional food is delicious, simple yet unique, with fresh tomato, olive oil, feta cheese, vegetables and herbs being the stars of many dishes. If you prefer fish, choose a taverna near the sea, in Voula, Vouliagmeni or Piraeus. Otherwise, we suggest you choose one in Koukaki or Psirry.

Cocktail in a roof garden

Terraces are very popular in Athens, especially in the city centre. In Plaka, Monastiraki and Psirry you can find many different terraces, located on the last floor of apartment buildings and luxury hotels. All of them have an incredible view of the Acropolis and are so beautiful that you will instantly forget all your concerns and will be transferred to exotic places. A roof garden in Athens is the best place to enjoy your drink and taste signature dishes that combine Greek tradition with modern techniques and delicate touches of the worldwide cuisine. We strongly recommend you visit the terrace in The Foundry Suites and be sure you will have a great time. 

Movie in an outdoor movie theatre 

During the summer, watching movies in the outdoor movie theatres is one of the favourite activities for locals. Located next to the sea, on rooftops or hidden in the neighbourhoods, they are the perfect choice for a relaxing night out. Both old and new movies are available during the summer, giving you the opportunity to rediscover old masterpieces while relishing the unique setting that Athens provides. After the movie, the Athenians usually go for a drink or for a walk in the city.

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