Handy Traveller’s Sites for Great Discounts

So in truth I’m only really going to list two sites, or rather two types of sites which will come in handy for the hunting of great discounts for travellers. I make reference to very specific ones but they aren’t the only ones available. They’re interchangeable with some others and the more you travel and talk to other travellers, such information is shared in earnest.

I’m just really listing these particular ones because they’re the ones I’ve personally been using for a good amount of time now, otherwise sometimes fellow travellers may even enlighten you on some “better” online travel services aggregators.


BudgetAir is not the only online flights discount and aggregator and judging by what I’ve heard from fellow travellers who are always on the lookout for a good airfare deal, it’s not even the very best one out there. I just use it regularly because I’ve signed up to their affiliate programme and so if I’m to refer fellow travellers through my blog and through other means then there is no better way than to show them by first-hand experience how to search for the cheapest flights.

It’s not only about finding cheap flights though – you can have the platform basically plan a flight route for you if you’re going to be visiting multiple destinations, enjoying the shortest layover times if they’re unavoidable.

Booking.com, Trivago, Hostel World

With these sites it’s as simple as typing in the dates over which you’ll be staying and the area you wish to stay in by way of your accommodation. The platform does the rest and you can even filter results based on a number of specific parameters, such as the price, proximity to certain landmarks, airports, specific entertainment, etc.

You’re well within your rights to compare the prices you get from each of these and other platforms.

Getting the most out of these platforms

As mentioned in the introductory text, these platforms listed here are somewhat of a “base” from which to work and if you choose to use other specific ones then the principle of how you deploy them should remain the same.

In the case of Booking.com I’ve booked about five trips now and have earned “Genius” status. Nothing special really – or at least it’s not a big of a deal as they make it out to be. All it means is that as a frequent traveller who booked accommodation through this particular platform I’m now in for some great savings, special discounts and some perks such as being able to request early check-ins and late check-outs at specific hotels.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should stick to two or three of these platforms and use them regularly as a registered member, that way you can enrol in their version of a loyalty and rewards programme.

Sign up to their affiliate programmes as well and if you have a blog like I do then there’s perhaps no better platform through which to earn commissions via referrals.

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