How Can Booking City Breaks as a Group Help You Save?

Going on holiday as a couple, with your family, or even by yourself can be plenty of fun, but more and more people are discovering the advantages that come with travelling as a group. It’s much easier when a large group helps with the planning, and you get to spend time with your friends away from all the familiar haunts.

Of course, you could also end up saving a fair amount of money by booking your next city break as part of a larger group. Here are just a few reasons why.

You’ll Get Better Deals on Tours and Attractions

One of the best things about taking a city break is finding plenty of tours and attractions right on your doorstep. Of course, those tours and attractions will generally cost money, and you’ll usually find yourself paying more when there’s only a few of you. If you’re part of a larger group, you can usually negotiate better deals or take advantage of special offers. After all, one tour guide can make more from a group of ten than from a group of four, even if they do cut down the individual price.

You’ll Have the Option to Choose Serviced Apartments

Accommodation is always going to represent one of your biggest expenditures but booking as a larger group can help take the edge off. Serviced apartments work well for larger groups because everyone can get their own space even as you’re sharing accommodation. Paying for a couple of serviced apartments often ends up cheaper than every couple getting a hotel room.

You’ll End Up Sharing Smaller Costs

Finally, remember how easily smaller costs can stack up and how larger groups can help you avoid them. Getting a taxi? You’ll spend less when more seats are filled. Splitting the bill? You’ll often find things working out cheaper when you’re sharing food and bottles as part of a larger group.

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