How to have a dream (and affordable) honeymoon in Europe

Couples dream of the perfect honeymoon. Lounging, romantic dinner, the perfect atmosphere, letting your hair down, and being serenaded with the love of your life. But then, honeymoons could be so costly. And not everyone can afford to splurge on expensive, luxurious honeymoons.   

Europe is a popular honeymoon destination thanks to its eclectic cultures, architectural styles, fantastic cuisines, and romantic destinations. When you think about the costs of a wedding ceremony, there might not be enough money left for a honeymoon in Europe. But how do you get your dream honeymoon when things are so expensive? One way of solving this is to sponsor your trip using personal loans. Read more about this type of financing for your wedding and honeymoon.    

There are other things you can do to achieve your dream honeymoon in Europe. In this article, we’ll show you some ways by which you can have your dream affordable wedding in Europe.

Look for less costly states and cities in a European Country. 

The popular cities are not always the best or the most affordable honeymoon destinations. There are a lot of good honeymoon locations that aren’t as hyped as the other ones. For example, in Spain, you can head to Malaga or Valencia instead of Madrid or going to rent a boat in ibiza. In France, you can head to Nice, Lyon, Marseille and other places instead of a costly city like Paris. In Greece, you and your spouse can head to Paros, Milos, or Crete instead of Santorini and Mykonos. In Italy, you can have your honeymoon in Tuscany, Italy, where a bottle of local wine can cost as little as €5.   

These cities are often less crowded, and you get to have more intimate moments with your partner.

Travel to the less-popular European Countries

Countries like Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, and some Eastern European countries are great honeymoon spots for you and your partner. For example, Riga, Latvia, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to several tourist attractions and unique local artwork. It is a historical, cultural place with lovely cuisine and so much to see and explore for a couple looking to have a good, romantic time with one another.

The street food in these locations is very cheap, and you can enjoy fine dining at affordable prices. 3-star and 4-star hotel accommodation are also cheap, and you can rent villas at very cheap prices. In these countries, you may not need to get personal loans to have a very good and enjoyable European honeymoon.      

Plan far ahead of time and book your airline tickets and accommodation early

Booking accommodation and airline tickets on time will ensure that your honeymoon costs less than usual. You can apply for personal loans months ahead of your wedding, so you can easily book airline tickets and accommodation when they are at their cheapest.

Have a budget

Sit down with your spouse and have a budget. Take your time and list everything you need regardless of how tiny or insignificant it may seem. A budget will help you to visualize how much you need for the trip. Traveling agents and consultants can also help with a suitable budget.    


If you follow the tips listed in this article, you’ll have an incredible, unforgettable honeymoon in Europe without breaking the bank. Europe is more than Paris or Rome, give up on some luxury like first-class flight tickets (which only lasts a couple of hours), and save for better sleep nights and dining experiences. Take personal loans if you need to. Just ensure that you plan before embarking on your trip so you won’t run out of money.  

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