How to Perform Like a Pro Surfer

The stereotype is that pro surfers spend half their time in the water and half their time smoking marijuana on the beach. This stereotype of beach bums might be true for a lot of the surfers, but the most successful ones have a few secrets that put them at the top of their class.

Within this article, we will focus on some of the ways that you can start performing better. This is going to center upon the ways that you can perform better as a pro surfer and come into a situation where you may even be able to make it your profession.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that your mindset is going to be the most important thing when it comes to performing like a professional. There are not many people who can perform like a pro because few people have the mindset of a pro.

Within this article, we will give you some tools, but none of them are magic bullets. As you will see, there are a few ways to perform better that will make your chances far more likely.

Performing with Nootropics

One of the best ways to perform better is through a specific class of supplements called nootropics. You might find that there are many people using supplements in other industries (body building etc), but surfing doesn’t seem like one of those, right?

Wrong. In fact, many of the best surfers in the world are focused on their performance using specific types of supplementation. One of the best and most thorough ways of improving mental performance through mitochondria enhancement. There are numerous ways of improving mitochondria, but the basics are to do so because of how valuable it can be when it comes to you energy production.

Another common nootropic amount the people who surf is known as cannabidiol. Many surfers have cannabidiol (or CBD) as part of their system, but they don’t even know it. CBD is part of the cannabis plant (i.e: marijuana), but it is helping to improve performance, reduce inflammation, and anxiety… without the harmful effects of marijuana.

For many surfers who use weed, they get some of the benefits of CBD, but all of the negative aspects of the THC (of which there are some when you are trying to surf at a high level). This is why there has been a rather large increase of amateur and professional surfers looking to use CBD products, as to benefit from the CBD without any of the drawbacks of THC. Those that choose to use CBD for various reasons can even look to get it cheaper by using the likes of this Lazarus promo code further benefiting their mental health and performance while also letting them keep some extra change in their pockets too.

One of the ways that people get over this hump is to use CBD oil in the form of a tincture. For everyone who uses marijuana, but wants to find an alternative, the CBD oil is a great option. It doesn’t have any of the illegal THC, doesn’t have the side effects, and allows you to focus on what you are doing without the problems.

We have decided to focus on these two nootropics because one of them helps at the root level of your physiology while the other is something that you may already use (but a better version). We hope that they help you to become the professional at surfing that you desire.

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