Is Greece a Backpacker Friendly Destination?

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The island of Crete in Greece has beautiful beaches, hiking trails, picturesque cities, delicious food and wine and a friendly and welcoming population. Crete is the place where the ancient Minoan civilization existed before the Greek civilization.

Backpacking in Greece is what you will enjoy most: adventure on unique hiking trails, exploring ancient archaeological sites, a proper party and being pampered on picturesque islands. Backpacking on Greek islands is one thing and one reason why it is a great trip for beginners and backpackers alike. Backpacking Greece will not only take you to beaches and sunshine but also a place filled with varied attractions.

On average, Greece is an affordable country, but bear in mind that travel costs become more expensive during peak season, especially in the summer months, and vary widely depending on the destination. Greece is also a popular tourist magnet that is crowded, so accommodations, taverns and flights can be expensive. Wherever you go, you will find that Greece is a destination that you can always return and enjoy.

One of the best ways to visit Greece on a budget is to plan your trip around the season. Cheaper island-hopping holidays to Greece are possible, but you’d be wise to avoid the popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. Many people flock to these islands because they know that they are unique places to visit.

Culture Trip has compiled a list of the hottest places for backpackers in Greece so you are sure to have a good time examining archaeological sites, relaxing at the beach and making new friends. On this 10-day tour of Greece we will take you through the most famous places to visit.

Crete is one of the best backpacker destinations in Greece, with all a traveller needs is the island of Crete. Book your Heraklion Taxi with CreteCab for the best in value deals. Crete should be on your itinerary with sites such as the archaeological site of Knossos, stunning beaches, an abundance of water sports, a varied and rich gastronomy and beautiful landscapes.

The island of Crete is filled with enough landscape, history and culture to justify a two-week trip on its own. With a limited travel time of 3-4 days, the charming old town with its cocktail bars and charming taverns is worth a visit. The Greek capital has a wide range of excursion ideas, and the nearby islands are within easy reach.

People from all over the world travel to Greece for its famous islands, the sun, its cities and its history. Greece is the perfect island for you whether you want to dance the night away, write your masterpiece at a secluded beach or sip Ouzo in a sleepy tavern. There’s warm, cheap, delicious food, rough, windswept, relaxing islands and lively, friendly locals.

It should come as no surprise that Greece is at the top of many travel bucket lists. It is a lovely destination known for its delicious food, culture, ancient history and entertaining island hopping. The idyllic town of Mykonos is a mecca for solo travelers, party animals, couples, windsurfers, families and much more.

During the summer months a popular destination for writers, artists and cruise ship visitors, with its picturesque villages and beautiful beaches. The beaches are famous for their clear waters, beautiful modern landscapes and bays. It is ideal for a nice day trip from Nauplia or Athens or a relaxing overnight stay.

The island offers something of everything: authentic culture, historical sites, incredible beaches and friendly people. Myrtos Beach and Melissani Lake are some of my favorite places in Greece. Greece is a great place and it is worth spending a whole week here.

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