Some Travel Tips For First International Trip

Here are my top travel tips for all times of the year: Winter: Pack warm. I know you are waiting for the spring showers to come, but believe me when I say that when the snow starts it just doesn’t end until the end of the summer. Always pack a light, cotton towel. Buy at least a small hiking backpack/suit case. Pack light.

Spring and Summer: Travel with more than one person. Most travelers know that a passport, cash, and a few important documents are the bare minimum when traveling, but I have heard of some savvy travelers who bring as many as four documents. Never ever pack less than two liters of water per person. Travel with someone who knows how to use a map and can help if needed and remember to pack a first aid kit.

Summer and Fall: Use local currency. Unless you have an understanding with the locals, most travelers rely on credit cards and traveler’s checks as payment options. Using local currency will not only save you money but will also avoid conversion fees, which are applied by the airlines. Also, do not check your flight search engines for cheap flights during peak seasons. You might end up paying the most expensive ticket in your category.

Spring and Summer: Travel with an adult. Most airlines now allow children three years old and younger to sit on an empty seat, but this is only a good idea if you have a lot of extra cash. Many first-time travelers have no choice but to sit next to an adult, since it is the most practical option. Even then, consider going with a travel agent or an even better travel agency. These people will be able to guide you to the cheapest flights, best deals, and other options.

Travel Tips for Hospitality Workers: If you plan to be a hotel maid or a restaurant waitress, book your trip as far in advance as possible. Do not book a flight or a train ticket for the same day that you plan to do your job. Some hotels and restaurants offer discounts for clients willing to pay for hotel accommodations and transportation services a couple of days in advance. In addition, it is advisable to carry travel insurance, because almost any medical crisis can be covered by this coverage. Travel insurance can also be helpful if you get sick before your trip and need to stay in a hospital for a few days.

The above mentioned travel tips are just some of the many you can apply to help you save money. They will almost always yield better results than relying on other sources. It is also important to carry travel insurance, as almost every emergency will be covered. Finally, these tips are only a few of the many you can find by doing a little research online.

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