The 5 Best Dating Sites For Travellers

We all love travelling and exploring, but let’s be honest, it gets lonely from time to time. Going on trips, after voyages, after yet another expedition makes it seem near impossible to find romance sometimes.

And let’s face it, you could be taking a hike through the French alps or discovering the marine life of the Greek islands, but there’s nothing better than experiencing them with someone special.

Don’t worry though, you won’t have to settle down to fill the hole in your heart. Check out our list of the 5 best dating sites for those of us who like to “cross borders”.


MissTravel is dedicated to bringing together travel enthusiasts who don’t let the prices of luxurious destinations hold them back.

With a quick and easy sign up process, you can begin looking for your travel companion on the site straight away. Some members share their upcoming trip plans and you can request to join them.

“Create a trip” to allow other users with the same destination plans to join you on your next expedition.


TourBar is a great way to find casual travellers planning a trip to the same location as you.

You can search based on other users’ favourite destinations but the best addition on their filters is for native people who can provide advice on choosing hotels, hiring interpreters and even sightseeing tours.

Keep an eye on their “Trips” tab to see where everyone is planning on visiting next. It’s a good idea to contact them to join them or meet up.


Out of the dating sites we discussed so far, TravelHostDate brings its users closer than the rest.

As the name suggests, users can make a host request for their upcoming travels on the site. After getting a reply they can also check references from other users about their host’s overall service.

You can make a date request if you are looking for a “special” time with someone who also loves travelling.


YourTravelMates has its own charm to bring to the table, with a built in live video chat feature.

Let’s face it, we all get a bit sceptical when we see a pretty face on dating sites. However, you won’t have to worry about getting catfished here. Have video chats with attractive people from all over the world who also like seeing new places.

Let your matches know what you are in the mood for by changing your “Today I Am” status, with choices such as serious, pen pal, romantic, flirty and naughty.


Alright, Bumble might not be a “traveller” dating site through and through but it is, nonetheless, one of the best choices you can make when looking for a cross-border romance.

Sign up today and start chatting with people currently based at your planned destination (whether they are locals or visiting just like you). By adding the country you are planning on visiting, you are also automatically adding an indicator on your profile, letting your matches know that you will be in their area soon.

You can work on your flirting game with the locals of the country you are visiting before you even board the flight!

Most of the above dating sites were created to accommodate the travel enthusiasts, the nomads and the ones who don’t like being stuck in a single place for too long. Casual travellers also get a chance to have an amazing time meeting new and interesting people in their travels through these sites. And who knows? You might even find love throughout the process.

So, what are you waiting for? If meeting in person is not as easy as it seems, connect with the rest of the world and fellow travellers through these five amazing dating sites!

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