The Allure of Island Life

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Look it’s definitely not for everyone, I’ll concede to that, especially if your plan is to proper pack everything up and relocate to an island. Otherwise the allure of island life at some or other point is most definitely for everyone. I mean that’s why some of the most alluring of post cards depict the scenery of some exotic getaway location, making for a favourite destination amongst honeymooners and the likes.

For those for whom the allure of island living takes more of a permanent form however, I perhaps don’t need to convince you as to exactly why you should give it your all and just really try and go for it. Except there is, because of one simple reason, which is cabin fever.

Cabin fever is when as a newly-minted islander you suddenly start to feel like you’ve made a terrible mistake and the size of the island in relation to the vast continent you’ve lived on all your life suddenly becomes pronounced. First-hand accounts of people who’ve experienced cabin fever point to the fact that this is only really a transition period. If they give in to it and they go back to their mainland countries it becomes a double-whammy of regret.

You get used to it after a while and I mean that in a good way because that’s when the true allure of what island life is all about hits you in the manner it was meant to be received by your islander’s soul.

Far less stress and so-called island time

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of island time and while it’s not for everyone, for those who truly get it, being able to live your life on island time is perhaps the best thing that can happen to you. It’s even sweeter when you’ve perhaps lived a good portion of your time as a mainlander who’s had to experience the morning rush to work. The sudden absence of traffic feels so much sweeter when you’ve experienced it, if you know what I mean?

Things do indeed happen slower on the island and while it takes some getting used to, once you do get used to it you embrace it and it starts to feel like the luxury it is.

Healthier living

Not being able to get all the processed food you want when you want it is a blessing instead of the curse you may think it is, which is why there are many centenarians on tropical islands in particular. You tend to embrace the lifestyle of living on more organic food, like sipping on coconut water instead of a fizzy drink.

Exotic views that never get old

Lastly, I swear to God – the picture perfect views never get old, testimony to which is how locals who were born on those exotic islands and have lived there all their lives stop to enjoy them once in a while. They might otherwise be forgiven for thinking the whole world is that beautiful, but they don’t quite seem to be able to get over the majesty of their constant surroundings themselves.

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