The Artsy and Culturally Rich Side of Canada- All Rolled Into One

Containing and representing the culture of a vast country spread across six time zones isn’t easy, but Montreal achieves this feat with relative ease. It won’t be an exaggeration to call Montreal the cultural capital of Quebec and Canada. If you want to experience their culture to the finest, book a flight to Montreal right now!

What makes Montreal special?

Even if you leave the cultural display of this city behind, the smell of good food would be enough to bring you back to Montreal. Ask any foodie, and they will tell you that the city has one of the hottest food scenes in entire Northern America. Everybody loves their poutine- a special recipe that uses delicious fries served with gravy and cheese curds. But this is not all you will get- the arctic char and the Kamouraska lamb will be a food memory of a lifetime.

The Jewish delis and patisseries of the region are equally awesome. If you identify as a hipster, you will always manage to find a bar with like-minded people. Once your hangover is gone, wake up and visit a café to make new friends. Let’s not forget- you will also get some amazing Canadian wines here. Missing them would be a waste of your trip.

The amazing festivals

The Montreal Jazz Festival is ‘THE’ go-to space for people who like to enjoy awesome music. You can spend 11 days witnessing hundreds of jazz concerts in wonderful outdoor spaces, most of which are free. But this is not all. If you like performing arts, you will find yourself surrounded by 250 theater and dance companies that are performing in the city and a wide array of over 90 festivals to celebrate the kaleidoscope of arts and culture.

But what makes Montreal so inclined to the arts? Well, the city is home to a unique linguistic-cultural identity- Francophone Canada. This is the reason why Montreal sometimes gives off very Parisian vibes. You will find writers, artists, dancers, musicians and the likes living in the beautiful neighborhoods of the city. You will not only witness some fantastic performances but also make friends with people.

If you are looking for something impeccably European, don’t forget to check out the Old Montreal side of the city. The Canal de Lachine and the shops around the streets are good enough to make any person’s heart wander to a simpler, more beautiful time of their life. The downtown is so full of life that you might just want to extend your stay for a month or two. Travelers also love the terraced cafes located in the Plateau Mont-Royal and visit the mesmerizing churches especially the magnificent Basilique Notre-Dame.

But the city is not all about old European charm. Visit their hotels and business regions to find the best of contemporary art here. What if you are a ski lover? Don’t worry. Just come here in the winter and go back with the most wonderful skiing memories of your life.

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