The Best 3 Beaches in Egypt

Located at the land gateway between Africa and Asia and as the de facto heart of the old world, Egypt has always been famous for having a rich heritage that dates back to the earliest known civilizations in the history of the world; such heritage, formulated by the numerous empires and kingdoms that once ruled over Egypt starting from the Pharaohs, the Greek civilization, the Roman empire, the Islamic Caliphate and ending with the Ottoman Empire.

However, Egypt’s colorful touristic landscape does not only house diverse historic attractions and destinations; it also has its share of natural beauty embodied in its gorgeous beaches, vast deserts, and even locations enlisted as World Heritage Sites like Wadi El Hitan (the Whale Valley).

If you are spending your holiday in Egypt and cannot decide yet which beach to lay down to treat yourself to a tan and enjoy the refreshing Seabreeze, we made for you a list of the top beaches in Egypt to help you make your choice:

1- Marsa Nayzak – Marsa Alam:

Overall, the coastal town of Marsa Alam, overlooking the Red Sea, has gained popularity among beach and marine life lovers as one of the heaven-like spots on earth. Marsa Nayzak – also known as the Shooting Star – is one of the live proofs of the stunning beauty of this town.

The spot will captivate your eye once you see with its azure waters glistening under the sunlight. Marsa Nayzak is found 14 kilometers south of Marsa Alam, it was created after a meteor crashed into this area, similar to the Blue Hole and the Three Pools in Dahab, giving it a unique and out worldly nature.

2- Soma Bay – Hurghada:

Another destination overlooking the breath-taking waters of the Red Sea, Soma Bay is 45 kilometers away from Hurghada International Airport. The area maintains fair weather and temperature degrees over the year that do not go much above or below the mid-20s (celsius).

Much like all the other beaches in Hurghada, the crystal clear waters, rich marine life, and beautiful coral reefs in Soma Bay offer a unique chance for a wide variety of water sports and activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing.

The bay can be accessed via a single private road with a length of 7 kilometers and a controlled gate.

3- Ageeba Beach – Marsa Matrouh:

Despite its relatively short length of 40 meters, Ageeba (Wonder in Arabic) has without a doubt earned its name. The U-shaped beach, located 24 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh on the Mediterrenean Sea, is visually distinguished by the giant alcove it houses, its white shimmering sands, and the contrasting clear turquoise waters which fuses fascinating shades of blue and green ever so stunningly.

Ageeba comes with another distinctive feature as well for history lovers, as it is in the proximity of the Roman catacombs which date back to more than two thousand years ago.

These are three of the most outstanding seaside spots in Egypt, but they are by no means are these the only beaches worth a visit there. You will definitely need more than one visit to be able to experience all the heavenly spots in Egypt.