The Rewards of Avoiding Overly Touristy Destinations

One of the best things that could have ever happened to me recently on one of my trips was completing a last-minute booking that essentially had me staying at the cheapest hostel I’ve ever stayed in, in my entire life. I’m talking here less than a single dollar per night and naturally I was sceptical because I’d never previously seen anything so cheap with the expectation that it would be decent enough to even refer to as anything close to comfortable!

Nevertheless, it was a great deal indeed, but the best thing about it is that I could consequently extend my stay at said destination, which means I had ample time to uncover some of the rewards of avoiding overly touristy destinations which the typical tourists frequent.

A more rewarding, authentic experience

The cheap hostel I was referring to is just one destination, but the lesson I learned was carried with me to all places I subsequently visit. At that specific destination however it was a matter of being able to enjoy a much more rewarding and authentic experience, by simply electing to wander one or two streets beyond the main road where all the vendors have their stalls set up to service the tourists.

You literally just have to walk about 50-100m to experience a complete change from the locals who just see you as someone to make some kind of sale to. The people are friendlier and more genuine in their interactions, affording you the opportunity to truly delve into the true essence of the location.

Spending less and getting more

In the same destination (I was indeed talking about Phuket, Thailand) if you venture beyond the main road you also get pretty much everything at up to half the price you’d get them for on the main road, but if we’re to switch things up completely, taking into account a completely different continent, an entertaining night in Prague probably epitomises an entire destination which is perhaps not the first place that pops into the mind of a tourist looking to get away somewhere.

This is the true definition of what spending a lot less and getting a lot more is all about!

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