Top 5 Tips That’ll Help You Travel More in 2019

Traveling is one thing in life that we can never get bored of. The one thing that gives us a chance to forget about the obligations of our mundane life. Traveling is something that gives us pure joy and nothing else. Well, more often than not. For our overall wellbeing and happiness, we need to travel as much as our schedule can allow us. Yes, there are budget constraints, but if we plan carefully and live our life smartly, then it is possible for us to travel almost as much as we want to. Here’s how —

Start a Travel Fund   

Stating the obvious here but if you want to travel more, it is important that you keep aside some money which can be used exclusively for traveling. Whether you open a bank account or use your Mason jar as your travel fund deposit depends entirely on you. Make sure that you do not take money out from your travel fund for any other purpose. When you efile your personal taxes, if you get a refund, add it! Having a travel fund shall prevent you from encountering any budget problems when you’re trying to book airline tickets for your trip. So, start saving!

Weekend Getaways   

Going for a trip doesn’t mean that you always have to go to some faraway exotic place. A simple weekend getaway is enough to make you feel rejuvenated. Most cities have other smaller cities and towns nearby which are perfect for a short weekend getaway. The activities you plan to indulge in during your trip depends on the people you’re traveling with (family/friends/kids/adults). So, plan your activities accordingly and make the most of your trip.

Flexible Travel Dates

Flexibility is an important factor for people who want to travel a lot. If you want to see a place but are okay with moving around the travel dates a bit, then chances are you’ll get travel deals that suit your budget. Airfares and hotel rates keep on fluctuating. Sometimes it shoots up, sometimes it falls pretty low. If you have rigid travel dates, the airfares and hotel rates may be higher on those dates. Keeping your travel dates flexible ensures that you get the best travel deals available online.

Subscribe to Travel Websites and Apps

Some of you might get annoyed with all the notifications you get on your smart phones and hence, choose to opt out from receiving notifications from certain apps and websites (including the ones related to travel). But any seasoned traveler will tell you that it is incredibly important for you to subscribe to the newsletters offered by travel websites and apps. During the holidays and other special occasions, these travel apps and websites roll out certain special deals through which you can get huge discounts on flights, hotels, rental cars and many other aspects of travel. If you’re enthusiastic about traveling, then the next time you get asked to subscribe to a newsletter, make sure that you put a tick mark on the tiny square box.

Cut Back on Expenses

Before you get all defensive, ask yourself, is that Chai Latte really necessary? Ok, maybe yes. After all, it’s not really that expensive. But the real question is, is it absolutely necessary for you to have that Chai Latte every single day? The not-so-expensive latte puts a strain on your pocket when you spend money on it every single day. It may seem like a nice soothing ritual to you. But if you ditch this routine for even three days a week, in the long run, you’ll end up saving a lot of money. Ergo, more money for your travel fund. The same sort of tiny changes can be brought about to other areas of your life where the expenses may seem little but gets kind of heavy in the long bit.

If you love nothing more than travel, then follow these simple tips, save up some money and invest it in life-enriching travel experiences that you’ll remember all your life. Make sure that the coming year will be the time where you would have achieved many of your travel dreams. Book cheap airline tickets and fly to all your desired destinations. Bon Voyage!

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