Traveling Long-Term? Fool-Proof Guide to Getting Your Car Ready for Storage

Are you leaving for a long trip? You may think that you simply park it and leave it until you come back, right? Storing your car is a process and one that involves a bit of work and time. If you want your vehicle to be in optimal condition after you return from your traveling, it is important to take steps to prepare your car for storage.

Below, you will find a quick guide to help you get your vehicle ready. Whether you plan to store the vehicle for a month or long-term, these tips will help you ensure you leave your vehicle in the best possible shape to ensure the best possible results when you return to retrieve it.

1. Check the Fluids – Change Them if Needed

You should take the time to check all the fluids in your vehicle and make sure they are topped off. If you notice the fluids need to be changed, do it now. An oil change is also something that you want to consider before you store the vehicle.

2. Clean the Vehicle

Storing a dirty vehicle means that the paint may chip while it is in storage. You want to do your best to clean and even wax your vehicle before you put it into storage. Doing this will help reduce any paint chips or scratches.

3. Put Gas in the Tank

While you do not want a full tank of gas in your vehicle, you should leave about a half tank of gas in the car to help prevent an excess moisture from getting in. You should add in a fuel stabilizer as well.

4. Put the Car on Jack Stands

If you have the ability to do so, place the vehicle on jack stands in your storage unit. This will help alleviate pressure on the tires and prevent any flat spots that may develop when the vehicle is stored in one place for a long period of time. In addition, this can help prevent the tires from deflating.

5. Disconnect and Remove the Battery

Disconnect your vehicle’s battery and then remove the battery from the vehicle. You should store the vehicle up off the ground to prevent any damage to it.

6. Close Up the Vehicle

If you plan to store your vehicle for a long period of time, you should close off any entry points to the vehicle such as any windows, the exhaust, air conditioning vents, and so on. This will help to keep any pests out of the vehicle.

Store Your Vehicle Securely at a Self-Storage Facility

You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is properly prepared and at a secure location for the time you need to store it. Before you do store your vehicle, do make sure you have the proper documentation and that the vehicle is insured and registered, as storage facilities do require this.

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