Traveling on a Budget

Do you wish to become a jet-setter, but you’re worried about the overall costs and being able to get time off work. Well, it is now cheaper than ever to fly and visit all of those places you want to see, flights are very cheap and you can also pack lightly.

Check late deals

A lot of airlines offer very competitive, last minute deals on seats that they were unable to fill up. If you have a good sense of adventure and you aren’t fussy about where you are going, then late deals could be a great idea.

Book in advance

At the other end of the spectrum, if you know where you are heading then booking as early as possible is a good way to go. If you book in advance then you can often save yourself a lot of money and travel on a budget.

Pack lightly

If you are going for a short trip then do you really need those 3 suitcases to pack in the kitchen sink? Probably not! Many airlines allow one item per person aboard the plane for free and you can fit a lot of essentials in there. Other airlines offer 1 baggage item that can be stored in the cargo hold, but stay within the designated weight allowance to avoid extra charges.

Plan around off-peak travel times

Different countries have different peak times for tourist travel. A quick search can help you avoid them easily and probably half the cost of not only your flight but the hotel and everything else when you arrive.

Stay in a hostel

If you really are a free spirit and want to meet other similar people, save money and have an absolute blast along the way; then staying in a hostel could be ideal.

They are very cheap and can cost as little as a tenth of the price of a hotel.

Work abroad

If you plan on travelling long-term then look into working in another country and pay for your stay at the same time. This way your travels won’t cost a thing and you may actually end up coming home with more money than when you left.

There are a lot of agencies that take on people for seasonal work, get hunting and find something suitable for you.

Travel is very subjective and your needs could vary from business trips such as attending custom trade show booths or backpacking in the far end of nowhere.

When travelling one of the best ways to view your time away is by valuing the experiences over the luxuries, this will save you a lot of money and is the difference between having a rich life and an enriched life.

Plan ahead or don’t plan, every time we travel we end up learning a lot more about the world and ourselves. Enjoy it, make some memories and don’t forget to send us a postcard.

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