Why LA is the Best City to Live In

A city of beautiful people and even prettier weather, Los Angeles has more than anyone could ever want.  If you’re looking to put in all you have and make a big move, and want to make it count, LA is the place to go- and here’s why.

The Weather

If you’re sick of too-hot summers, or too cold winters, welcome to the land of “Just Right.”  Offering winters that feel like late spring, and summers that are beach weather and not melt-your-sandals weather, LA has something for everyone.  Occasionally a stray cloud or two will bucket down some beautiful rain, and the busy city nearly grinds to a halt to celebrate it.  You’ll learn to even love the rainy days in Los Angeles.  It’s that powerful of a town.


I’m sure you’ve heard a cliche about people from LA before, but most of them aren’t entirely true.  Sure, the city is a lot more open-minded and accepting, and yes, there are still a lot of divas (of any gender) there. But it’s also home to some of the most caring people.  LA comes together in a web of caring and support whenever tragedy strikes.

When fires are burning California, LA is quick to step up and help.  When the multiple rough earthquakes of late 2019 hit, Los Angeles banded together, and the citizens worked through the panic that could have ruined the city.  

The people of LA have proven time and time again that they’re together through thick and thin, and that’s a city anyone would be proud of living in.

The Food

On a lighter note, the food in LA is the stuff of dreams.  From incredible seafood, to- of course- amazing vegan food that lives past stereotypes, you’ll be eating the best meal of your life every night.  The city boasts some of the best Mexican food this side of the border and has more than enough choices so that you could eat at a new restaurant for three meals a day for almost twenty-four years and never have to repeat a restaurant once.

It has a lot of options, and all of them are amazing.

The Ocean

A big seller for Los Angeles is its location.  The weather, the people, the food, it’s all wonderful- but putting it right next to the ocean pushes it over the top.  Directly on the sand and sea, LA gives you a chance to spend every weekend on the most iconic beaches of America.  You can learn how to surf, scuba, or enjoy taking in some vitamin D, but you’ll never want to leave.  The moment your toes touch the sand, you’ll be fighting to find Los Angeles houses for sale.

Although I’m sure a lot of cities have a couple of these times, no other place on Earth encompasses everything that LA has to offer.  It’s a one-of-a-kind powerhouse that’s here to stay as the best place to live.

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