Why Travel Offers the Best in Lifestyle Business Opportunities

Profits that follow passion

Travelling and the adventures one goes on while visiting all manner of places is one of the activities which many people can lay legitimate claim to harbouring. Fortunately there is a huge industry and market around what would otherwise be referred to as the travel niche, making it that much easier for the profits to follow the passion. As part of the dreamiest lifestyle business within the travel industry, you could get paid for just travelling and capturing as many moments of each trip on video as you can, or writing about it, etc.

Otherwise something like a scuba diving instructor is probably just as passionate about diving as they were when they first started out, so it never feels like work taking other divers on each next excursion.

The classic advertising revenue based business model

In the travel lifestyle business niche market, some of your biggest earnings can come from advertising revenues generated. This reinforces the discussion about profits following passion, because it’s all about generating some interest around something that has to do with travel and then collaborating with advertisers who will pay to get exposure to what will undeniably be a very targeted audience. If you upload videos which track the glorious underwater views you witnessed on your latest scuba diving excursion, for example, how easy is it for a diving equipment manufacturer to want to place an integrated ad in your video?

You could also just as easily refer people who clearly have the same interest as you to sales offers of which you are an affiliate, this as a means through which to profit a little more directly from advertising.

Many peripheral business opportunities to discover and pursue

I think it’s clear by now that scuba diving is indeed something I’m personally very interested in, so bear with me as I use it once again as an example of how travel offers some of the best opportunities in lifestyle businesses. The real-world example of how this industry allows you to discover many peripheral business opportunities is that of how I know a web developer who specialises only in designing and maintaining websites for the scuba diving industry, in the form of scuba diving instructors and dive tour operators.

Existing, natural marketing channels to exploit

When it comes to lifestyle businesses, they’re referred to in that manner because of their construction around existing lifestyle elements. In this day and age everybody promotes their lifestyle as if they’re running a lifestyle business, thanks to the likes of social media. This makes it that much easier to latch onto these marketing channels and promote an actual lifestyle business, for instance if you were indeed offering scuba diving as a lifestyle business, your customers will want to show the experience off to the people in their social networks, so half your job in marketing the offer is done.

Additionally, existing business operational channels can be exploited as well when it comes to lifestyle businesses within the travel industry. A Zizoo boat holiday can be turned into our scuba diving lifestyle business example, without the need to invest in any of the maritime vehicle assets yourself.

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