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    Write For My Travel Blog

    I am always looking for other people who want to submit content to my blog! As much as i hate to admit it, i haven’t yet reached every corner of the world and if there are people who can share experiences i am yet to, then i’d love for them to contribute to my blog. 

    Being passionate about travel and all of the related topics is key to being a contributor to my site, but i also have some strict content guidelines that must be adhered to, to ensure the quality of my content is maintained. The guidelines are as follows:

    • Articles must be a minimum of 750 words.
    • Articles must be niche relevant – i am happy to accept a range of travel related topics, from your personal experiences and recommendations, to travel insurance guides and everything in-between but it must be travel relevant. 
    • I will not accept spun content or plagiarised content – all articles will be plagiarism checked. 
    • Content must not contain any profanities or be related to inappropriate content such as drugs or adult content. 

    As i said i am open to a wide range of topics but if you need some inspiration, here are a range of topics and some examples of titles that work well on my site:

    Destination guides

    • Travel
    • Family holiday guides
    • Romantic trip guides
    • Group holiday guides
    • Backpacking guides
    • Excursion recommendations 
    • Holiday health & safety
    • Cultures
    • Travel equipment 
    • Budget holidays
    • Luxury Holidays 
    Title Examples:
    • Top 10 Destinations for Families
    • Best Suitcases for Two Week Holidays
    • 5 Excursions for Couples in Egypt
    • Best Travel Insurance for Backpackers 
    • 3 Best Luxury Holiday Destinations For A Honeymoon