Weekend Itinerary for Your Trip to Toronto

There’s so much to see and do in Toronto, from cultural attractions like world-class theater and museums to endless shopping and dining opportunities. In fact, thanks to its high immigrant population, with nearly half of people living here born outside of the country, you can find cuisine from all corners of the globe.  So how

26th May 2020

A Short Guide to Banking Services in the Northern Mariana Islands

When people travel to a new place, one of the first things they want to know is the location of the nearest ATM. But if your stay in the Northern Mariana Islands extends longer than that, then it’s good for you to know more about the banking industry. One of the first things you should

20th May 2020

4 Things To Carry If You Plan To Travel In 2020

If you plan to travel in 2020, you need to carry four major things with you. If you are not carrying these things, you are going to cause problems for yourself or the people around you. You will learn a lot as you read this list, and you should take this list seriously so that

15th May 2020

Why LA is the Best City to Live In

A city of beautiful people and even prettier weather, Los Angeles has more than anyone could ever want.  If you’re looking to put in all you have and make a big move, and want to make it count, LA is the place to go- and here’s why. The Weather If you’re sick of too-hot summers,

6th May 2020

Must Visit Attractions in Sydney

Are you flying from Hong Kong to Sydney soon? Sydney is a vibrant waterside city with glittering boats, bays and beaches, and world-famous landmarks that shouldn’t be missed. Here are some attractions every traveller has on their bucket list if you visit Sydney! Be sure to get a pair of comfortable walking shoes – there

15th April 2020

What to Do in Rome in 2 Days?

Even a month isn’t enough to visit the entirety of Rome and experience what this beautiful city has to offer. However, if you only have 2 days in hand, we have the perfect plan for you. It will give you a blend of both ancient and modern experiences of Rome and live 48 hours to

30th March 2020

Mental Health Benefits of Travel

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘travel’ – a holiday? Meeting new people? Or maybe, Instagrammable sunsets? While travelling can be exciting and exhilarating, it’s so much more than sipping margaritas on a sun-soaked beach. Taking a holiday and having a change of scenery, even if it is just

19th February 2020

Best Hotels to lodge in Thailand

If you are visiting Thailand for pleasure or business, there are some plans that you must make. Prominent among such plans is accommodation. There are always various options when it comes to accommodation. This is considering there are many individuals and organizations that are into the hospitality business and have developed beautiful hotels across Thailand.

13th January 2020

Top 5 Places to Visit in Asia

In terms of both population and size, Asia is reputed to be the biggest continent in the world. The continent also features diverse cultures and is home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. As a result, there are so many places to see, things to do and meals to enjoy that exploring a single

13th January 2020

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