10 Cool Tips For Shooting An Awesome Travel Video

Travel vlogs have taken the world by a charm, everyone loves watching other people travel the world and share their experience. Traveling the world is loved by all. To experience other cultures, hear different languages, experience unique clothing, food and customs feels like we are on another planet altogether. Living in the 21st century, we are at the peak of scientific advancements.

Thanks to the internet, everyone has the ability to travel the world from the ease of their home through travel videos but not all vloggers are up for the challenge to post the best travel video in the world. If you are enthusiastic about sharing your travel experience with the world but second-guessing because you don’t know if your travel video would be loved by people? Well, fret not! Because this guide will help you in providing you with the tips that would make your travel awesome!

Stick with your Style

Choose a style you’re going to shoot in, prior to your trip. Improvising can often lead to missing out important shots. It is best to set the colors and quality of the shots before you start recording for the upload and once you get the right color, you won’t have a worry in the world throughout your trip. Also, make sure if you are going to use a GoPro on your trip then you have the best GoPro Video Editor suitable to you, installed and at the ready.

Shaking is a turnoff

Constantly shaking the camera while recording is very unappealing to the users. It would be best to get a camera with stabilizers so that you don’t constantly shake in the footage. Shaking is a major problem when you are hiking or riding an animal, which is common while traveling. Shaking will make you lose viewers which is why it is best to control your hand, get stabilizing equipment or the best of all; Get someone else to shoot you in your shaky times.

Portrait mode is a No-No

Vertical filming is the worst! Nobody likes watching videos in portrait mode. Watching travel videos will always be preferred in landscape mode. If you make your travel video in vertical mode, it’ll look more like a 90s home video rather than a travel video. So don’t let your efforts go to waste by shooting vertically!

Lighting makes all the difference

Sunrise and Sunsets are the best. You know why? Because the lighting is just perfect at that time! If you want the perfect shot, make sure you have the perfect light exposure too!

Quality is appeal

Video quality says it all about a video. People are likely to be attracted to higher quality video rather than lower quality. Unfortunately, it is necessary to purchase high-end equipment if you wish for more eyes on your content but you can easily get 1080p HD @60 FPS equipment in a mid-range budget which is more than enough to appeal to the audience.

Focus on the object

Some people fail to realize, the travel blog is not about YOU! It’s about the place you are visiting, so don’t make it about yourself and focus on the people living there. Describe everything in great detail and focus on the main attractions of your trip.


Linking wild music to travel footage is not art; neither people appreciate it. If you want to make a quality traveling, then you must explain everything you see to your audience and not expect them to understand everything on their own.

Commentary is important and you should choose your words carefully as people will be influenced by your descriptions while the locals will also appreciate if you explained their customs in detail to the outside world.

Don’t back out!

If you are afraid of action and adventure, then traveling is not for you. You should be at home watching other people’s traveling vlogs if you are scared of some adventure rather than making your own.

The audience doesn’t like a wuss; they want to see adventure and daring attempts which others wouldn’t dare to do in your videos! So give the audience what they want.

Explore everything

Leave no stone unturned when you are exploring a foreign country. Eat the local cuisine as weird it may be looking! Because you won’t necessarily be in your comfort zone in a foreign country and you must experience everything while showing it to the viewers too.

Enjoy yourself

This may be the most important tip on the list. You didn’t spend your time and money traveling the world to not enjoy yourself throughout the trip. The borderline that makes a travel video worth watching is the maker authentically enjoying his trip. The primary objective of any trip should be having fun.


Traveling is a passion; everyone wants to travel but considering the time, effort, and money it requires, it is not under everyone’s grasp to travel. This is where traveling vloggers come in handy so that everyone can experience traveling at the ease of their homes. With the prevalence of so many travel vloggers on the internet, in order to become the best of them, you must make sure your videos are loved by the people. So follow the above-mentioned tips to make your travel videos awesome and Happy Traveling!

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