Chasing the Digital Nomad Dream

There’s no doubt about the fact that the infamous pyramid scheme type structure has definitely crept into the world of those who identify as digital nomads, but looking beyond that the dream is very much still alive and possible for those who want to make it happen. If you want to make it happen though you have to enter into your mission armed with the right information and that is what this particular post is all about.

Guard against perpetuating the lifestyle aspect

What on earth am I saying here? After all, the digital nomad lifestyle is indeed a LIFESTYLE, so why then would we suggest that you shouldn’t focus on the lifestyle aspect of it?

It’s simple really – if you go into it with a focus on the lifestyle element of it you run the risk of falling into the trap that goes on to frustrate many budding digital nomads, which is that of perpetuating the sale of what is nothing more than a dream via somewhat of that pyramid scheme structure I made mention of. In action it works like this; a so-called digital nomad finds some means with which to kick-start the remote work and travelling aspect of what constitutes the life of a digital nomad, except they go on to misrepresent what they actually do to earn their money.

It’s like the digital version of envelope stuffing and because of the fact that things happen a hundred times faster online a lot more people get caught in the trap. Someone who is supposedly a digital nomad ends up making their money by selling the dream, which is packaged into an array of different media, such as creating a training programme for digital nomads, holding a webinar, creating an e-book which teaches people how to become digital nomads, etc.

The bottom line is they make their money by selling the dream and they’re not really living the dream in the true sense of the word.

Ultimately you don’t have to be rich to become a digital nomad and you don’t have to try and live that life off of your savings. You also don’t really have to have an automated business although this is the ideal way of funding your digital nomad lifestyle. All you really have to do is find a way to generate an income remotely.

So you can work as a writer, a programmer, or any kind of consultant who is able to deliver their work digitally via the internet, so there are plenty of income generation channels you can explore in order to fund your travels.

Since it’s not about becoming rich and living and travelling like royalty, your targeted income should cover your regular living expenses as you’ll likely aim to live like a local wherever it is you find yourself, with some to be set aside for your travel expenses, such as booking your next flight ticket to your next destination.

That’s all there is to it – establish a way to make an income which is remote and get travelling!

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