Travel to Lisbon: Your Comprehensive Mini Guide

Lisbon became a true hot spot for tourists over the past several years. The capital of Portugal has a special place in the hearts of travelers due to its unique atmosphere and incredible beauty. Modern elements blend into old architecture perfectly creating a truly magnificent look for this city. But Lisbon is not only about the looks. The city is full of exciting attractions, the nightlife is blooming, and the Atlantic weather is almost great literally all year round.

Pub lovers and party monsters will love Lisbon

If you google “nightlife in Lisbon”, you will find an endless number of trendy pubs and bars. Here you can switch from one bar to another during the whole night and never hit the same place twice. And if you are more about parties and dancing – explore the nightlife scene in Lisbon.

There are lots of late night clubs in this city, and most of them are packed with loud and exciting people. Also, if you plan to hold your Lisbon stag do weekend, you are definitely thinking in the right direction. The city is teeming with stag do activities, such as paintball matches, guided pub crawls, adrenaline-pumping team sports, and more.

Learn about the naval history of Lisbon

This city is the most important naval base in Portugal for nine centuries and counting. And during the 16th century, it became the main naval base in the world. From Magellan to Vasco da Gama, there is a lot of interesting stuff you can find out about this part of the nation’s history.

You should visit the Maritime Museum to learn a lot of fascinating details about the historic fleets, ancient maritime travel routes, and feats accomplished by famous explorers. A lot of unique exhibits are waiting for you here, including old vessels, maps, and equipment; models of ships and even archaeological treasures and exploits. Also, in this museum, you can take a look at Asian ceramics and Japanese armor from the 15th century and ceremonial badges from the 18th century, which are brought back from various journeys.

What to see in Lisbon

There are some locations every tourist should definitely visit. The first one is the historic quarters of Lisbon. Here you will enjoy the captivating old architecture and immerse yourself in the local culture. There are a lot of restaurants serving authentic cuisine in this area. Also, get on at least one of viewpoints and see the city from above. It is a great experience!

Another must-see location is the Tower of Belem. It has a truly unique architectural accomplishment. Just by looking at, it will make you feel like it is from old fairy tales. It watches over the Tagus river so prepare to enjoy a splendid panoramic view as well.

Hieronymites Monastery is located near the Tower, so you include this place in your itinerary as well. It is a breathtakingly peaceful place, so there is no surprise why it is such a popular attraction for tourists. You can get one ticket to visit both the Tower and the Monastery to save some extra money.

And if you want to shop for unique things – go to the Thieve’s Market that is held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Here you can find all manner of vintage treasures and see the true face of the local hustle and bustle. Such markets are great for learning the authentic culture and sharpening your bargaining skills.


The city of Lisbon is chock-full of exciting attractions and picturesque sites that are worth every second of your visit. Prepare to discover something new and inspiring every time you lose yourself in this amazing city nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. During the day, you can wander around freely to observe beautiful maritime architecture and immerse yourself in the authentic Portuguese culture. And when the sun goes down, dive into the vivid nightlife and see why many regard Lisbon as the magnetic party capital!

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